VCU Spring Style Review

*This article was originally featured in River City Fashion Uprising, a local Richmond Fashion Magazine*

Written by Hannah Khan

Photographed by Abigail Gorden and Chase Davis 

Within merely days of living in Richmond, appropriately dubbed the art capitol of Virginia, I took notice of Richmond’s eclectic sense of style and fashion.


In the heart of Richmond, VCU encompasses a fashion as diverse as its students. Its unique blend of locally owned boutiques, thrift stores, and general artsy vibe consequently makes the city a fashion melting pot. With trends which run anywhere from the modern, chic style of Eurotrash to the almost vintage, pin-up look of shops like Indigo Avenue, nearly every day in the River City is a runway.

I like to compare the fashion sense of Richmond to the murals painted on the side of the buildings in this city — abstract, creative and  thought provoking. Richmond practically owns its very own brand of inimitable art and style, and that is never more apparent than with the dawn of springtime.

Although this is my first spring in Richmond, I have already picked up on the overall aura that the city gives off with its fashion sense. I enjoy the laid-back vibe people express with their sense of style.  Richmond in the spring has such a bold mix of colors, prints, fabrics and styles, and residents display their newly dug up wardrobe as paint on a canvas.

This month, as the warm weather gradually makes its presence, students will begin to sport crop tops, fringe, and printed tees — a sure sign of the end of the hoodie and sweatpants season. VCU students are once again proudly displaying neon colors and pastels — begging me to bust out the floral prints and gladiator sandals.

Spring StyleThe weather also calls for more skin, which in turn accentuates one of Richmond’s most iconic trends: tattoos. It almost seems as though nearly everyone on campus has a tattoo and are proud to be showing it off in their printed tees and high-waisted shorts.

What I love about the student style at VCU is the confidence that comes with it. Everyone owns their particular style or array of styles without paying regard to the otherwise daunting stares of passers-by.

VCU street style has inspired my own sense of fashion, which has consequently become a mix of all of the styles I see on the streets. Finally, the abundance of black clothing and unflattering layers has reached an end. I look forward to seeing all of the new Richmond fashions to come.

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